How To Start

Family Gaming Roleplay is a server that has been officially announced as released recently. It has the best roleplay community you can ever find in San Andreas Multiplayer, We offer our players rich UCP, Refund System. So be sure to come as fast as you can! Because we just got started.All you need to require to join us is what you always need, SA-MP. Be sure to download the 0.3.7v of SAMP in order to play in FG-RP.Install it and just simply click on the button below. Thats it! Now join the latest fun in SA-MP! Happy RolePlaying.




Our server provides such pro environment, that please's eveyone to play more and more. Our scripters have scripted the server in such way that you just can't stop playing! Shocking Right?! Try it yourself.


Lags really ruins the gaming fun. Since the location from which the server is hosted also affects the ping, We have chosen the best location for server hosting so that we could give the best facilities from our side. On the other hand, player from any country can play without lag. Yes, We assure you.

24/7 Uptime

Our staff believe's in a lifetime living community, We believe in building bonds more stronger. For that we proved full server uptime. Every hours, minute, second of a day you can find our server up and running like always.

Join our community now in seconds!



I love the way management setup this server! Just awesome

- John_Walksman

I'm just glad to be a part of this loving community.

- Ernest Hemingway

Making and working for the FG-RP team has always been an honour

- Ahad Aman

Can't beat the professionality of this server! Un-Beatable

- Imtiaz_Rind

Admins are great, always playing like family. Addictive environment!

- Johny_Albert